It all started when…

Heart Core is an organization of men who have experienced heart transformation, restoration and healing through the principles of Scripture found in God’s Word, and presented in the current-day writings of John Eldredge, among others from previous times.

Heart Core exists as these same men recognized that most men will not find this heart-changing experience without it being modeled for them, shown to them, and  nurtured in them by forming small “bands of brothers” with like hearts and goals for serving the Kingdom of God, while living life together in deep fellowship.

Heart Core groups meet generally weekly throughout the year to continue the transformative process, while praying and encouraging one another, and holding one another accountable.  Boot Camps, men’s 4 day retreats, are normally held yearly to provide men with the opportunity to get away, unplug from the world, and spend high quality time with God, to develop a deeper relationship with Him for an everyday walk where they hear his voice and follow Jesus as Lord, Savior, Shepherd and friend.  As men go deeper with Christ, those that feel a calling are encouraged to attend Ransomed Heart Boot Camps and conferences in Colorado, and spawn other bands of brothers, thus sharing and spreading Christ’s good news to a “dry and weary land”.